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About Us

SND Hair INC is a Los Angeles based distributor that’s specialize in importing the best quality virgin human hair from around the world in order to ensure our clients and licensed professionals have dependable Remy hair for weave application, hair pieces, and closure wigs. We are highly recognized in the hair community as one of the largest imports/exports and manufactures of Remy hair goods.

We believe that hair should enhance a women beauty and our mission to provide today’s women with the natural, high quality, unprocessed human hair products that is needed to make this happen. That’s why we hand select our hairs prior to placing them for sale. And because we specialize in importing unprocessed human hairs, no two hairs are alike. Unlike fake hair found at your local beauty supplier, SND Hair Imports is founded one the principal to never imitate the quality of natural hair. Each weft we select has never been chemically processed and is carefully chosen for its texture and durability. When you
purchase hair from SND Hair, you are experiencing conditioned hair that is shed-free, lice-free and can last you a lifetime! We are extremely committed to finding the perfect match of hair for each of our clients.

Customer Satisfaction

Keeping a close and dependable relationship with every customer has allowed our company to grow in rapid yet solid way. We know enhancing your gorgeous look is simple with our flawless tangle free, shed free and that it will give you incredible day to day experience. Quite the opposite from imitation that competitors carry, we at SND Hair have hand washing and selecting process that is unbeatable. We look forward to doing business with you and making sure you get best possible product you desire-all at exceptional price.

What is Virgin Indian Remy Hair?

Virgin Indian Hair is the purest natural hair and is used by countless hair styling professionals around the world. Because of the fact that it is NOT chemically treated, it retains its natural bounce and volume. When chemically treated, the cuticles is stripped away so that the hair is no longer Virgin. Most hair sold today on the market is NOT Virgin Indian hair regardless of what the package claims.

Why is Virgin Indian Hair Remy Hair so popular?

Indian Remy Hair is highly desired because of its durability and texture which allows it to be used in a wide variety of styles. As such, it is often attributed as being the best hair on the market. And when maintained properly, Virgin Indian Remy Hair can last years- a fact which makes a truly sound investment.

What is so important about the hair cuticle?

The hair cuticle as a natural protection and is responsible for the shine and resilience of your hair. The cuticles found in our Remy Indian Hair locks in the hair’s essential moisture, protecting the hair against harsh natural elements to which hair may be exposed suchas wind, sun, and pollution.

Buyer Beware of Non-Remy Hair

The demand for weaves is at an all time high and just like any company that sells genuine product a affordable prices, second-rate companies often promote low quality imitation products. Such is the case with Non-Remy Hair which is in great supply at a much lower price then that of authentic Remy Cuticle Hair and touts itself as either being truly virgin or simply just as being a better alternative because of price. Just remember that even though the package may claim to be 100% Virgin, this is not always the case so go with a trusted company that knows the facts about hair.

It is important for consumers to be aware of the following facts: non-Remy Hair is a collection of random hairs that have been cleaned out from brushes or sometimes mixed with Virgin Hairs that are left as trash once the weft process is completed. In order to compensate for this and make the hair appear natural, the hair goes through a process referred to as an “acid bath”. This process removes the entire hair cuticle (this can be equivalent to about ten perms in a row). After the cuticle removal process, the hair is dipped in silicon to make it shine, and to cover up any other obvious imperfections. Non-Remy hair also starts to develop an odor when you apply heat and the silicon

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